Monday, March 7, 2011

Met Igarashi Stuck in JICS-ville

The sun is shining!
The sky is blue!
The sports pages are filled with baseball!
And it's time for Batter Chatter to get off its lazy ass and turn up to spring training.
Sunday's New York Times Sports section kicked off a new season of collecting arcane baseball-speak in a story about Mets hurler Ryota Igarashi.
During spring training, teams frequently take minor league pitchers along for road trips in case the game goes into extra innings, so the front-line pitchers don't blow out their arms with the extra workload.
These players, notes the Times, are called "JICs"--for "Just In Case.
Reports Dave Waldstein:
Teams usually take minor league pitchers on the road during camp to provide an inning or two in relief should the game go extra innings, and some managers call them J.I.C.’s, for just in case. When Igarashi signed his contract last year, he never expected to be included in that category.

That's Igarashi's ignominious role now, though he's being a good citizen amidst his JICs duty.
Other notable JICs around the world include the Jicks--the name given to Stephen Malkmus's post-Pavement band.
On, Malkmus--addressing the "Jicks people" of the world--said last year was a return to Pavement for him, with a giant world tour. The two best shows on the tour? Tokyo and Osaka, he said.
Not sure if Mets JIC Igarashi was in attendance.

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