Tuesday, November 26, 2013

'14 Mets Have a 'Hoss' in the Race

With Matt Harvey having his elbow redone for the foreseeable future, the Metsies will need a serious horse to take the mound every fifth turn in 2014.

Better yet, maybe a hoss can lead the team from the hill.

A horse is, of course, a sturdy pitcher--a guy who eats up innings, ends losing streaks, and carries the team on his back, much like a, ya know, horse does.

That may be future Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

"Noah's a hoss," said Brandon Nimmo, future Mets outfielder, in the NY Times after the Futures Game at Citi Field in July.

A hoss is southern slang for horse. It is not known at presstime if hoss is a higher compliment than horse.

Urban Dictionary describes "hoss" thusly:

One who is a beast that can basically do anything he wants. He is usually loved by all and a ladies man. He could break anyone or anything in half.

Perhaps unnecessarily, Urban Dictionary adds, "Hoss is a compliment."

Nimmo knows about horses. He's from Cheyenne, Wyoming. They have a lot of horses out there. They may even call them "hosses."

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