Friday, May 28, 2010

'Nightly' Nieve is 1-A for Saturday

I like how the Mets' announcer crew, Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, and the inimitable Keith Hernandez, has taken to calling Mets bullpen guys Fernando "Nightly" Nieve and "Perpetual" Pedro Feliciano, due to the ridiculous amount of work they get for the surging Mets.

A couple nights ago, the camera flashed over to the bullpen, where Nieve was throwing. Cohen wondering if he would get the nod against the (Formerly) Fightin' Phils, then pointed out that Nieve may be "1-A" for Saturday.

1-A sounds like some sort of deferment Richard Blumenthal may have used to avoid touching down in Vietnam. What exactly did Cohen mean? The context of it was that Nieve may be the starting pitcher Saturday; I'm guessing "1-A" is an actual slot on the manager's lineup card, and Cohen was using some inside-baseball speak that probably went right over most viewers' heads.

I lobbed a query in to Cohen at SNY; hopefully we'll hear from him before the three-day break.

I did a quick search on Google, the way lazy reporters do, for "starting pitcher" and "1-A". It turned up this on, a list of the top pitchers of the game.

Zack Greinke is described as "1-A", but the writer is saying Greinke is second only to Tim Lincecum among MLB pitchers, and 1-A means he deserves a piece of that top spot too.


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