Friday, May 28, 2010

Phillies Bring the 'Bagels'

The Phillies pulled off the unique feat of failing to score across three games at CitiField this week, prompting the NY Times to offer "Philadelphia Brand Bagels" as a headline today. (Due to the rain delay, the NY Times did not have a game story in the paper; it instead suggested readers go to the web. Lame.)

"Bagels" of course refers to the three zeros the Phils put on the scoreboard this week.

When we played Little League, we called them "goose eggs," though I doubt any of us had ever actually seen a real goose egg.

The Times actually introduced the "bagel" concept, at least to me, a week ago in an article about the extremely rare fraternity of men who've blanked tennis ace Roger Federer. "Putting a Zero on Federer Is a Rare Achievement," went the headline, and the story, like any good New York bagel shop, actually offers several version of "bagel":

* The Double Version: "Reto Schmidli, 31, a police officer and part-time psychology student in Arlesheim, Switzerland, is the only person who has “double-bageled” Federer..."

* The Plural: "If he’s leading, 6-0, 5-0, 30-40, he’ll be desperate not to lose that one game. That’s why you find so few bagels with Federer..."

* The Past Tense: "He then went nearly a decade without being bageled before losing the 2008 French Open final to Nadal, 1-6, 3-6, 0-6..."

As today's NY Times suggests, a little Philadelphia cream cheese goes nicely with a bagel.

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