Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No 'Cookies' For A-Rod in Pursuit of 600

Besides being those frisbee-shaped biscuits comprised of chocolate chips or shortbread, "cookies" are the little thingees inside your computer that remember your password and what you put in your shopping cart on Amazon.com and other essential personal information.

When it comes to baseball, "cookies" are easy-to-hit pitches down the middle, says Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

“Every time I come to the plate, there’s a potential damage situation and they know that,” Rodriguez said of opposing pitchers in today's NY Times. “So they’re not just going to throw cookies at me.”

(There's a "potential damage situation" every time he comes to the plate...A-Rod is not a modest man. That's why fans, not pitchers, would like to throw cookies at A-Rod.)

As we've noted here numerous times, ballplayers love to mix food terms into their baseball lingo, such as a can of corn, a snow-cone catch, and a player hot-doggin' it. Fittingly, a "meatball" is also used to describe a fat pitch.

So it appears A-Rod won't have a nice cookie to enjoy after his pre-game PB&J.
[image: njblog.com]

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Papa said...

One of these days he'll see a "cookie" and "smoke" it ( a smoked cookie). The pitcher will then be a trivia answer.