Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dickey's Prose is Light and Sweet

As I am sipping a cup of coffee, and baseball begins in earnest tomorrow, I thought it was appropriate to look at the baseball phrase "cup of coffee."

As any fan of the game knows, the proverbial cup of coffee is a very short stint in the Major Leagues; such as, Mike Baxter had a cup of coffee with the Mets last year, before the Columbia grad was shipping back to Buffalo.
Wikipedia has a nice little roundup of the great cups of coffee in baseball history, including those from Mike Piazza (1992), Francisco Rodriguez (2002) and Bumpus Jones, who pitched one game in 1893, and twirled a no-no.
I was pleased to grab R. A. Dickey's autobiography, Wherever I Wind Up, yesterday, anticipating that the erudite, and colorful, Dickey will put forth something vastly more interesting than the typical jock bio. Dickey, a disarming writer (and frequent habitue on Batter Chatter), has Wayne Coffey as a co-author.
And Wayne Coffey, of course, brings us back to our topic of the day.
I suspect I will be pulling lots of phrases and terms from Wherever, and indeed--right on page 4, Dickey says, "And then it all goes haywire. Fiver years pass before I made the big leagues, a cup of coffee so brief I don't even have time to add cream and sugar."
With Dickey's resurgence, and the Mets' shallow pitching this season, he can enjoy all the coffee, cream and sugar he can get his mitts on this year.

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