Monday, April 30, 2012

Keith Hernandez: My Way Was the Highway

Jamie Moyer is five years younger than I-95. Seriously.

Is there a more frequently cited baseball person on Batter Chatter than Keith Hernandez?
Perhaps not.
Keith makes our hallowed cyberpages once again following a discussion with boothmate Gary Cohen out in Colorado yesterday.
The Metsies were facing the Ancient (former) Mariner, Jamie Moyer, who's so old that Hernandez the player amassed a body of work against him.
In fact, Keith hit a mere .200 against Moyer.
That was actually better than his performance against some other hurlers.
"I was Interstate on quite a few," said Keith. "Tom Seaver..."
"Interstate" is anything a tick, or more, below the Mendoza Line.
The Mendoza Line, as any baseball fan knows, is the .200 batting average equator named for paltry batsman Mario Mendoza.
Go below that, and your average starts with a 1, which makes your average look like I95 or other iconic federal roadways.
The Mets pulled it out against the Rocks in 11 innings, then hopped the charter for Houston.
Had they opted for the Interstate, they were looking at around 400 miles on I70, then long, long runs on both I35 and I45.

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