Monday, April 30, 2012

Tito Speaks From Heart, Pitcher Throws From Uniform

I heard this, wrote it down, and lost it.
A cool expression I never heard before, from Terry Francona on the Sunday night ESPN broadcast a few weeks back.
My memory is shot. I don't even know who was playing, or who he was talking about when he said the pitcher "throws out of his uniform." (It may have been "throws out of his jersey". I know, this is starting to be the worst-reported post ever.)
Francona was saying that a pitcher was particularly hard to hit because he held the ball against the backdrop of his jersey, which is white half the time, making it harder for the batter to pick up the ball, compared to a pitcher who holds it against the black batter's eye or the blue sky.
The phrase does not appear to Google. Maybe Batter Chatter is the first to write about it.
Wish I could find those damn notes.

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