Thursday, June 10, 2010

Even Better Than a Saturday Night Special

Friday night lights is all about football, right?

I mean, there was Friday Night Lights, the book, and Friday Night Lights, the movie, and Friday Night Lights, the TV series--each one looking at our violent other pastime in the dusty Texas plains under the lights, with the whole town watching as a strapping kid named Cody throws three TDs and runs for four more.

Surely kids down in the ol' Don't Mess With state carry Friday Night Lights lunchboxes to school, emblazoned with their favorite gridiron stars.
But don't count baseball out of the Friday night, under the lights action.

Reds pitching wunderkind Mike Leake was described by Mets slugger Ike Davis in the NY Times as "our Friday night guy" while both played at Arizona State. (Freaky stat of the day: Leake is not only 5-0, but is hitting .417 this season.)

An explanation from reporter Tyler Kepner:

The Friday night pitcher is the ace of a college team, the one who pitches under the lights to open a weekend series.

Kepner adds that Nationals superman Stephen Strasburg too was, surprise surprise, a Friday Night Guy at San Diego State.


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