Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seinfeld Gives Gaga the 'Finger'

Jerry Seinfeld of course mans the SNY booth for three innings during Mets-Tigers tonight, setting up the sure to be delightful reunion with Keith "I'm Keith Hernandez!" Hernandez.

Seinfeld is a bit fired up after Lady Gaga snuck into his empty luxury box at CitiField last week and made a scene, which included giving the crowd the finger.

Erected middle fingers are, of course, as old as peanuts and Cracker Jacks at the ballpark.

But, as is his m.o., Seinfeld has some fun with the concept of "The Finger"--as in, what makes it "the finger," and why do people get so upset when you isolate it from the rest of the finger family?

Jerry let 'er rip on The FAN earlier this week:

"You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we're living in now? It's pathetic. And why is she giving the finger? How old is the finger? How'd it even get to be the finger? Somewhere along the line somebody decided this is the bad finger."

When you think of it, The Bad Finger is actually a better moniker for the middle finger than, simply, The Finger. Of course, there might be legal issues with the '60 Welsh pop band Badfinger, the vaguely Beatles-esque outfit with the extraordinarily long Wikipedia entry and the cheesy hit "Come and Get It" to its credit.

Jerry and ribeye steak-eater Keith will likely spend some time sharing their mutual distaste for kids today, and the strange customs they live by.

Seinfeld concludes:

"I look at Lady Gaga the way Keith Hernandez watches these kids when they pull the pocket out, they wear the inside-out pocket. ... Do you think he could understand that? He can't understand that. That's a new game, that's kids."

[image: Getty/AP]

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