Monday, June 7, 2010

Manuel Labors For Right Word Regarding Bad Ollie

I swear, sometimes this blog just writes itself.

Mets skipper Jerry Manuel was chatting with reporters over the weekend about what's really the only downer in Metsville these days--Ollie Perez's refusal to go to the minor league Buffalo Bisons to learn to become a major league pitcher again. ("The buffalo in the locker room," deftly quipped NY Timesman Joe Lapointe.)

The Mets avoided a sticky situation by putting Perez on the disabled list. The move raised some eyebrows, because no one seemed to know that Perez was injured.

Manuel, however, said the team's front office deserved better than skepticism that it was playing a little dirty pool.

Writes the Times:

Manuel acknowledged that the timing of Perez’s injury would raise suspicions, but he defended the legitimacy of the injury, going so far as to coin a new word.

“In my years that I have been here, the Wilpons, Saul Katz, Omar Minaya, they have had similar situations where they could have used what I would say would be a less integrious option,” Manuel said, referring to the Mets’ management. “But they never chose that.”

It's not surprising for ballplayers to make up new words (or "strategery"-minded presidents, for that matter); you'll recall that Roger Clemens said former friend Andy Pettitte likely "misremembered" Clemens doing juice. Of course, Clemens was called The Rocket, not The Rocket Scientist.

It's less common for bookish, jazz-bo managers in chem professor glasses to make them up.

I just hope the Mets continue their victoriginous ways.


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