Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pavano Stays Off Eponymous List

Twins hurler Carl Pavano looked strong in shutting down the Metsies over the weekend, allowing just three hits while going the distance for his ninth win--and second consecutive complete game.

It's difficult to determine to what degree Pav's new porn-star moustache flummoxed the Mets batters. Twins fans love the 'stache; they've even taken to calling Pavano "Super Pavario."

All of that would've been inconceivable a few years ago, when Pavano incurred so many injuries with the Yankees (some might suggest they were, in fact, "injuries") that his teammates actually referred to the disabled list as "The Pavano."

In the Joe Torre/Tom Verducci book The Yankee Years, Mike Mussina explains the problems that befell the Yanks early in 2007 on page 388.

"Our problem right now is we have too many pitchers on the 15-day Pavano," said Moose. "That's what it's officially called now. Did you know that? The Pavano. His body just shut down from actually pitching for six weeks. It's like when you get an organ transplant and your body rejects it. His body rejected pitching. It's not used to it."
[image: NESN.com]

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Dan Caputi said...

Mike Mussina was such a stiff. If ANYONE else had been credited with that quote I probably would have laughed. But not for Moose. Glad he retired without a ring. Wish he had retired never having won 20.